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Having offices in Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida, Summit Construction Group builds for the future with special focus on uplifting communities. With 45 charter schools in Florida and throughout the United States that total 30,000 classroom seats, the educational journey towards the development of even more schools is underway. Utilizing 30,000 to 80,000 square feet, our schools envelope the ideologies of change as our vision includes niche, educational services with regards to technological advancements, artistic endeavors, athletics, recreation, and other areas in academics. Building schools that align with the changing times, students are better equipped to zoom in on their talents and flourish.


Summit Construction Group knows the importance of quality. With that in mind, the design stage starts by evaluating materials and details in terms of constructability. We ask questions, in order to map out the answers that lead to a successful outcome. Does it fit? Does it work? Is this the most cost-effective detail? Is it within our project budget parameters? As the design progresses, Summit will produce a “Quality Implementation Plan” tailored to your project to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained during every phase. In a nutshell, we help bring a client’s vision to life. We build schools tailored to meet the criteria of future generations.

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Summit Construction Group thrives in every phase of development, including the building phase. After thorough preparation, we begin transforming big dreams into something tangible. With experience that surpasses other construction companies — Class A self-storage buildings covering 15 million square feet, 45 charter school projects equaling 2.9 million square feet, 29 hotels, plus a large variety of commercial projects, including marinas, medical offices, and retail projects — Summit has evolved into an organization made up of a group dedicated to producing the highest standard in construction products and services.

Summit plans ahead to achieve project objectives, including bid management, procurement, quality control, cost control, scheduling, and overall project scope. Our team understands the value of providing owners with comprehensive and precise, transparent reports throughout the entire construction process and is accustomed to delivering outstanding results. We highly value the work we produce, and believe in the positive impact every new construction project will have on people.

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