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Our Commitment to growth

Building Dreams

Summit Construction Group is a privately held company providing a full range of services that are all tailored to development and preservation of commercial real estate. Our principles, highly regarded for their foresight, thoroughness and dynamic problem-solving abilities, have built a network of strategic professional and vendor alliances, allowing Summit to efficiently and cost effectively deliver greater short-term and long-term values to our clients.

We offer an array of services, providing a detailed, full project preparation and execution plan, while ensuring that a vision is realized through charter schools, self-storage facilities, municipal services, restaurants, hotels, and retail projects that we successfully build.

Our multiple steps towards the completion of every commercial real estate project are multi-layered with dedicated phases that include:

  • Financial strategies
  • Site selection & competitive analysis
  • Conceptual planning
  • Development approach
  • Entitlements and zoning approvals
  • Permitting
  • Construction
  • Safety Programs

We are committed to the endeavors that lead to a brighter future with promising new advancements in construction, design, and management in the commercial real estate industry.

Dedicated to enhancing communities

Mission & Vision

Founded in 2010, we have a vision of conceptualizing, designing, building, and expanding communities. Summit Construction Group has grown into an organization of talented people who are committed to producing the highest standard in construction products and services. In collaboration with our clients, we are personally dedicated to each unique project objective.

We are founded on the fundamental principle of quality being paramount, and a philosophy that the relationship with a client should be treated as a partnership.

Our company nurtures a corporate culture prioritizing communication, client interactivity, teamwork and creativity. The Summit team is well positioned and highly experienced. Offer us your trust, we in turn, guarantee your complete satisfaction.

our values and mission

We create the roadmap that brings a vision to its inevitable reality.

Safety Comes First

Safety measures are placed at every stage of development. Ensuring that all of our employees, clients, and the site as a whole are equipped to properly prevent accidents is priority, as we care about our team, partners, and the projects we are creating for the community.

Family-Driven Goals

Summit Construction Group was built on the foundation of putting families first. We develop projects with communities in mind. We design schools for the future of our children. We deliver police, fire, and training facilities to benefit our communities. We contribute to communities by partnering with clients who share the same goal of expansion.

Client-Focused Solutions

Our clients have a vision. Summit Construction Group manifests that vision, making it a reality. We are the building blocks, laying one brick at a time. We are experienced in bringing a project to its completion, successfully. We are well prepared for every stage of development.


Regardless of budget restraints, we find a way to uphold top-quality standards. Our work matters, and our clients deserve the highest quality materials, designs, and construction services available in the industry. We balance quality with budgets to ensure our best work is displayed on all levels of development.

keeping people safe on site

Summit Safety

Summit Construction Group’s president, Chip Cordes, believes that safety takes precedence throughout the development of a project.

Corporate awareness of the importance of safety is clearly communicated by the most senior levels of management and is the core of our team culture.

We are serious about our responsibilities in keeping the public, our clients, employees, and subcontractors safe from injuries, along with eliminating property damages on our job sites. 

Our key ingredients in safety prevention include:

  • Summit’s corporate safety manual.
  • Jobsite safety code and project safety action plan.
  • Training programs from pre-planning inspections to implemented safety training throughout the stages of development. 

Summit’s safety commitment is a vital part of our organization, as we diligently work to safeguard our greatest assets — our employees, partners and clients — each and every day. Having produced millions of square feet, our construction manager, project managers, and superintendents are accustomed to managing the requirements in place to reduce risks, and successfully navigate away from any trepidations. Our formal safety program follows all OSHA standards, and is regularly updated and amended to incorporate our own additional mandatory requirements. At Summit Construction Group, we consider safety an important part of building it right.


Summit Quality

Summit Construction Group firmly believes in achieving the standards for high quality construction within the set timelines of our projects.

Summit focuses on developing. designing, and performing at a high level of excellence. The fabric of our firm’s culture and mindset is centered around the quality of our work. We are very fortunate as we have established ourselves to be able to work with the best in our industry. Encompassing our team are longtime construction and development personnel who are experts in the education construction industry.

From the design to development and construction phase, Summit Construction Group implements high-standards to match the importance of quality. As a result, we are proud of every project we are hired to complete. 

Quality starts with the right questions followed by the most detailed, accurate, cost-effective answers:

  • Does it work?
  • Is every detail cost-efficient while upholding the highest level of quality?
  • Will we remain in our project budget parameters?
  • What is the most effective usage of time to meet our deadlines?

With our “Quality Implementation Plan,” which has been custom-created to duplicate our clients’ vision, every phase of a project is guided by the answers we formulate. Led by our Project Construction Manager, the plan is developed as a team effort, including both design and construction professionals assigned to the project.

Our plan of action entails identifying milestones when internal design peer reviews are required, followed with another round of questions and answers before continuing, such as;

  • What scopes of work will require a pre-construction coordination meeting?
  • What installations will require a first work in place inspection?
  • How frequent will onsite inspections from the design team be?

This proactive process eliminates any surprises that could distract our team from the importance of quality per project, while remaining on schedule and within our budget.

The construction phase follows the same guidelines. We will inspect the work as it is being performed to ensure that furnished materials and installation procedures are consistent with the quality plan, as well as complying with the construction documents and industry standards.

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