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A pioneer vendor in the self-storage industry since 1989, Mr. Cordes was co-founder and vice-president of U.S. Door & Building Components (“U.S. Door”) before co-founding Summit. While navigating U.S. Door to a leadership position within the metal building and self-storage component industry, Mr. Cordes actively developed class “A” commercial projects in Central Florida with local investors. Specializing in manufacturing processes, steel consumption, operational administration, and global sales management, Mr. Cordes is a notable figure in the global self-storage industry. He was a founding vendor member of the Florida Self Storage Association (FSSA), and served as one of its presidents. Mr. Cordes has been a featured speaker at industry trade shows, and has authored or been quoted in numerous trade publications.

Personally holding a General Contractor license in several states, nationwide, Mr. Cordes maintained close supervision of projects developed in all markets, while monitoring contract installation crews, active throughout America, Europe, Mexico, and South America. Departing in 2009 from U.S. Door after 25 years in the manufacturing, commercial development, and self-storage industries, Mr. Cordes focused on additional development and construction in the new emerging market of charter schools; an industry that was still very active during the downturn in the economy. Traveling globally throughout his career, immersed in markets of all types, Mr. Cordes acquired a vast knowledge of these successful markets, construction styles, and operational trends.

Charles is married to Jeanne, his wife of 36 years, and together they have two grown children, Shannon and Ryan, and one grandchild Amelia.

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our values and mission

We create the roadmap that brings a vision to its inevitable reality.

Safety Comes First

Safety measures are placed at every stage of development. Ensuring that all of our employees, clients, and the site as a whole are equipped to properly prevent accidents is priority, as we care about our team, partners, and the projects we are creating for the community.

Family-Driven Goals

Summit Construction Group was built on the foundation of putting families first. We develop projects with communities in mind. We design schools for the future of our children. We deliver police, fire, and training facilities to benefit our communities. We contribute to communities by partnering with clients who share the same goal of expansion.

Client-Focused Solutions

Our clients have a vision. Summit Construction Group manifests that vision, making it a reality. We are the building blocks, laying one brick at a time. We are experienced in bringing a project to its completion, successfully. We are well prepared for every stage of development.


Regardless of budget restraints, we find a way to uphold top-quality standards. Our work matters, and our clients deserve the highest quality materials, designs, and construction services available in the industry. We balance quality with budgets to ensure our best work is displayed on all levels of development.

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