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High-Rise & Multi-Level, Self-Storage Sophistication

The self-storage industry has come a long way — from garages in a field to self-storage facilities featuring colors, materials, and architectural designs that we are accustomed to seeing on high-end office buildings. The team at Summit Construction Group is the bridge between a concept and reality. Our emphasis is on greater curb appeal, incorporating new building materials and designs to easily blend into retail and residential areas while meeting stricter municipal standards.

We are vastly experienced in working with municipalities through creative architecture, site planning, traffic engineering, and project planning. While getting a storage facility approved in high-density markets can be challenging, Summit Construction Group has overcome those challenges, creating both high-rise and multi-level self-storage buildings that benefit facility owners and the community as a whole.

Self Storage Development

Since the 1980’s, the Summit team has led the self-storage industry by facilitating property acquisition, entitlement, design and construction of hundreds of storage projects all over the world. Providing all aspects of self storage development, Summit is a leader in the self storage industry for turn-key self storage solutions.

Development, Design & Construction

Leaders in the stages of development that lead to successful completion.

Storage Design

Designing storages from a viewpoint that coincides with the wave of the future.

Site Analysis & Selection

Industry professionals who evaluate the right locations that align with each project.

Entitlements & Permitting

Knowleagable in every step towards getting entitlements and permits approved for construction.


Specialists in self-storage facilites, enabling the best advice throughout each phase of development.
The beginning stages of development

Development, Design & Construction

Summit Construction Group believes that every project must begin with the right approach. Developing a concept that best utilizes the land for construction is our primary goal. Our design team duplicates a client’s vision, and our construction team of experts build it into a reality. 

transforming a vision

Storage Design

Our design team is articulate with every detail, enabling a plan for construction that is focused on high-quality, durability, and one that is long-lasting. Summit Construction Group works alongside top architects who are insightful, forward-thinkers that can see beyond what is not yet there. 

Finding the right site

Site Analysis & Selection

The analysis of a chosen site and its surrounding areas is a stage where Summit Construction Group relies on its ability to imagine a bigger and better tomorrow.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” – George Bernard Shaw

opening new doors

Entitlements & Permitting

Summit Construction Group has been in business for decades, and along the way, we have established good repertoires with our industry peers. Through collaborative efforts, we ensure that all bases are covered regarding entitlements and permitting. We open doors for our building endeavors and hit the “ball” home during construction. 

Consultations along the way


Summit Construction Group offers an entire in-house team of experts who collaborate with clients to ensure every phase in a building’s creation carries us through to the next one, successfully. 

We listen to our clients, we hear them, and we adopt their vision. From there, we become the team that knows how to execute a plan, and how to materialize a dream. 

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