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Accommodating Today's Youth: Welcoming the Future

Summit Construction Group specializes in building schools for a new generation of dreamers, achievers, and students and teachers who are committed to preparing our youth for the future by modifying the classrooms to better match the changing times. A standard classroom with desks and a blackboard have transformed. We develop specialty classrooms, gymnasiums, athletics, food service, recreation, and more. We are equipped to keep up with the new and creative ways of learning where shifts in the educational system are enforced through all stages of development, including a school’s technological advancements that represent Generation Alpha.

Summit Construction Group follows standard guidelines that best enable our clients and fellow visionaries to remain on the same page throughout each stage in development. Having one goal in mind, we start the planning process by providing comprehensive and precise, transparent reporting information. With the assistance of the latest technological tools, we offer a clear and accurate depiction of where we are at, currently, and where we are headed. Everyone is on the same page. We all are on board with the endeavor of turning a vision into a reality that is best suited to accommodate the future leaders in-the-making — our children.

Charter School Development

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Development, Design & Construction

Enthusiasts who are experts in the expansion of growing schools for our communities.

Budgeting & Financing

Summit Construction Group offers assistance in funding for school expansion.

Site Analysis & Selection

Decades of experience in finding the best location for each school's unique needs.

Entitlements & Permitting

Paving the way to build, successfully, by utilizing all connections in the industry.
Dedicated to charter schools

Development, Design & Construction

From Orlando to Jacksonville, Florida, Summit Construction Group will carry on its legacy of building for our children. Having a wide range of educational buildings that are equipped to accommodate inspiring minds of the new generation, our development, design, and construction team are in sync with the clients who are breaking ground in ideas, as we continue to lay the first stone. 


Budgeting & Financing

Summit Construction Group understands the importance of adhering to a budget. We also value quality as the forefront of every project, and with a detailed plan, both coincide prosperously together. 

Educational EXCELLENCE

Entitlements & Permitting

School expansion for our youth is one of Summit Construction Group’s specialty. We believe in academic expansion and empowering children in all developmental stages of their lives. Our dedication to building schools has been the tie that binds us to fellow enthusiasts in our industry. Therefore, we are fully equipped in doing the legwork to ensure that our plans are approved and construction will be underway right on schedule. 

Selecting a site

Site Analysis & Selection

Summit Construction Group has vast experience in finding the ideal set-up location for new schools. We take into consideration all aspects, including accessibility, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, competition, historic factors, neighborhoods, and everything else involved in choosing a prime site.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates.

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