Since the 1980’s, the Summit team has led the self storage industry facilitating property acquisition, entitlement, design and construction of hundreds of storage projects all over the world. Providing all aspects of self storage development, Summit is a leader in the self storage industry for turn-key self storage solutions.

  • Charter School Development: Summit offers full turn-key in-house services direct to new and established charter schools including budgeting, financing, site selection, planning, design, entitlements, and construction. Summit has developed charter schools ranging in size from 40,000 to 80,000 square feet with complete facilities including food service, athletics, recreation, security and specialty classrooms.
  • Municipal Development: Summit provides turnkey design / development / finance services to municipalities for civil building including police stations, fire stations, city halls and more.
  • Storage Development: We cut our teeth in self storage and pioneered the modern storage industry in the 1980’s. Our storage team is rivaled by none other in the county.
  • REIT Development: Summit provides industry REITS and large operators with a continuous flow of premium projects in select markets. Summit has produced self storage facilities for many major chains utilizing the same standards and quality control measures that we incorporate into our own projects.
  • Joint Venture Partnerships: Identifying successful project locations is our specialty. Summit would not ask an investor to put their money in without us putting in money of our own. Summit will work in partnership with the landowners to design, permit, construct and manage viable business partnerships.
  • Investment Portfolio Expansion: Summit assists in portfolio expansion by locating and assessing properties that meet strict criteria and providing turn-key services to insure returns are met.
  • Chain Development: Off balance sheet development is important for many of the large self storage chains. Principal contracts on certificate of occupancy or stabilization are available with Summit’s turn key services.

With the experience of hundreds of projects totaling more than 20 million square feet and counting, the Summit Construction team is a clear choice for success of your next project. Summit Construction firmly believes in achieving the standards for high quality construction within the strict timelines of our projects. Our construction manager, project managers and superintendents are accustomed to managing the requirements to reduce risk, and successfully navigate any trepidations. Our formal safety program follows all OSHA standards, and is regularly updated and amended to incorporate our own additional mandatory Summit requirements. At Summit, we consider safety an important part of “Building it Right” –our safety policies are strictly enforced.