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Renaissance Charter School Hunters Creek

Contact: Charter Schools USA

County: Orange

Address: 4140 Town Center Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837

Sq. Ft.: 104,810

Enrollment: 1.145

Completion Date: 2013

Project Type: Charter Schools - Development, Design & Construction
Project Details

About the Project

In the early stages of this project, Summit successfully negotiated on behalf of our client a lease-to-purchase term with the existing owner of a closed K-mart Center. Due to mortgage settlement constraints the seller was not able to sell the building for a predetermined time frame. Working around this condition, a lease was negotiated coinciding with a Purchase Sale Agreement to be activated on the date seller was able to successfully close on the property. As a former Kmart, this building serves as an anchor store to a large exterior mall with several dozen retail establishments and a major grocery chain store. Undisturbed traffic was a primary concern for the Property Management Company and the individual store operators. Use of carefully planned fenced outdoor and indoor storage provided security for subcontractors while ensuring staged materials were confined to non-traffic areas of the mall area. Segregation of workspace included acceptable fencing between the work zone and other sectors of the shopping center plus a dedicated construction entrance for worker, product, and equipment deliveries. Total renovation of the 104,810sf was completed in 18 weeks while minimizing any negative impact of the remainder of the shopping center. Today the school and stores coincide nicely, with the enrollment bringing additional family shoppers to the development on a daily basis. Renaissance Charter School at Hunter’s Creek was built for Charter Schools USA

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