With the experience of hundreds of projects totaling more than 20 million square feet and counting, the Summit Construction team is a clear choice for success of your next project.

Summit Construction firmly believes in achieving the standards for high quality construction within the strict timelines of our projects. We understand that the opening day of school does not move to accommodate circumstances on the job, and that delays in storage and other commercial projects equal revenue lost. Adhering to the timeline and not compromising on quality is something we are not willing to compromise on. Summit has an intense focus on developing excellence within the fabric of our firm’s culture and mindset. We are very fortunate to enjoy working daily with the best in our industry with longtime industry construction personnel who are experts in our field.

Summit plans ahead to achieve project objectives including bid management, procurement, quality control, cost control, schedule, and overall project scope. Our team understands the value of providing owners with comprehensive and precise transparent reporting information throughout the entire construction process and is accustomed to delivering in a manner found easily understandable.

Summit’s safety commitment is a vital part of our organization, as we diligently work to safeguard our greatest assets- our employees, partners and clients, each and every day.

Having produced millions of square feet our construction manager, project managers and superintendents are accustomed to managing the requirements to reduce risk, and successfully navigate any trepidations. Our formal safety program follows all OSHA standards, and is regularly updated and amended to incorporate our own additional mandatory Summit requirements. At Summit, we consider safety an important part of “Building it Right” –our safety policies are strictly enforced.